Working out the Details on Buying a House

Obviously we were prepared to spend some money and get rather little for it when we had to move to the suburbs of San Jose. The real estate market here is quite crazy and you have houses that cost a million dollars which would cost one third as much in other locations. We have been busy working out the details on buying a house. We have a realtor and a Morgan Hill mortgage broker working on the process. Relatively speaking we think that we are getting a fairly good deal. It is far from ideal though and I am not all that keen on paying this much and getting so little compared to what we would get in other locations. That is just the way that it is and Jane has a really good job with stock options and all of that, so we can actually afford the place.

Morgan Hill is about a twenty minute drive to her office, which is on this side of San Jose. The house is not far from a reservoir called Anderson Lake and it is easy to get on the 101 from here. We are going to have to do a couple of things to get the place the way that we want it, but that is a long term project that we are not going to worry about for the moment. I have a pretty good commute when I go in to the office. It takes me close to forty five minutes to get there, but I only leave the house a couple of days each week. Most days I work in my pajamas in the spare room, where I have an office set up. In fact I can telecommute and get a lot more done than I can at the office.


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