We Owed a Lot of Money to the IRS

I am a Christian, so it is in my belief system to pay others what is owed to them. It is biblical, and I try to lead my life according to God’s word. However, things do happen that can take someone right off the path they are on. For me, it was a medical condition. I ended up losing my job, which meant I lost my health insurance too. I was able to continue to pay bills because my wife was working, but we got so far into debt that I knew I needed some Los Angeles tax relief advice.

We were struggling to make the payments to the Internal Revenue Service since my wife is self employed, but we had to make some tough decisions. Do we pay for my medicine, which was quite costly, or do we pay what we owe to the IRS? It was not an easy decision by any means, because we knew that we were supposed to pay the government what was owed to them. However, we got into a bind, and we just needed help until we could figure things out on our own.

That is where Anthem Tax Services came into play. I knew that we needed to have professional help, and the accountant we talked to explained to us that we would be able to go into what is called a not currently collectible status. That does mean our debt is wiped away, but it did mean that we could stop living in fear that we were going to lose our home, our bank account, and even our car because of our tax debt. We are trusting in the Lord to help us with this issue, and we are glad that this is the first step in doing that. The stress that we were under was unbearable, and it feels like we can breathe again.


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