We Needed Help Quickly to Keep Our Home

I often get the feeling that I was happier in life when I was younger simply because I didn’t try very hard. I was happy doing very little, and when you do not push yourself hard, there isn’t a lot of stress to deal with. But now I have a family who needs me, I need to focus on keeping all of us happy, well fed and alive. I’ve been struggling with that lately, so I looked into the possibility of personal loans with no income verification because I needed something that would help me pay a couple of mortgage payments on our home. Our home is everything to us, and my kids need a safe place to live at all times.

Both my wife and I had some medical issues this year that put us behind with our bills. I needed to have a surgery to repair a problem in my right knee. My wife had an illness that lasted about six months and involved a lengthy hospital stay. We both needed to reach the deductible on our health insurance before our insurance kicked in to pay for most of the medical care that we needed. My deductible was $6,000 and hers was $5,000. This is how the house bill became two months past due. I knew that I needed to hustle and figure out a way to get that money quickly so that I wouldn’t lose the house.

I only make about $30,000 per year and support a family, so I feared that many personal loan companies would not be willing to help me with the amount of money that I needed. When I found a company that offers loans without me needing to prove how much I make, I knew that this was my only hope. The company I approached has given me a $2,000 loan that has helped me to catch up with my house payments. They have offered me an installment payment plan that will give me the chance to pay off what I owe over the next year.


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