The Fight Against the IRS

Recently I was having a bit of tax trouble with the IRS. I’ve always heard that when the IRS is breathing down your neck, you don’t want to take them on alone, or you’ll surely lose the fight. I had no idea what to do to get myself out of my predicament. I was given a suggestion by a wise friend who said that I should get an NYC offer in compromise with the help of a tax attorney. I never really thought about getting the aid of an attorney, but it made perfect sense. If I wanted to take on one of the most powerful organizations in the country, I would need someone who knew all about tax law and could speak their language.

My first meeting with the tax attorney was a good one. He was very friendly and was eager to get started on my case. While looking over my taxes from the year, he noticed something. There was a piece of information that was contradictory to what the IRS was claiming was a major problem on my part. He made some calls to the IRS and a back and forth process happened. I was starting to think that I wouldn’t need to compromise at all, because all of the fault lied on the IRS and not me.

The calls that the attorney made had an impact. The IRS admitted they made a mistake and told me that they wouldn’t be contacting me anymore about the issue. It would have been nice if they could have given me some kind of compensation for my troubles, but they didn’t. I guess the IRS is above this sort of thing. Next year when I have to do my taxes, they better not tell me that there is something wrong with my taxes.


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