No to the Cord and Yes to Profits

I’ve become a cord cutter. I paid for cable television for more than 10 years, and each time I did, I hated it. The prices would always go up, and sometimes they would get rid of channels that I watched, while leaving the ones that I didn’t. I cancelled my cable subscription, started trading bitcoin on the Bitcoin Era app, which allowed me to save up some money, and started paying for streaming services. I bought my television before they all came with built in apps and Internet connections, so I had to buy a small box to connect to the television that could wirelessly connect to my modem.

The streaming services are so much cheaper than the cable price that I used to pay, that it barely dips into the profit I get from trading. I don’t go one day without looking at the bitcoin market, and I’m often trading in tiny breaks, even when I only have a few seconds. I wouldn’t want to miss any price drops or gains that could lead to me gaining more profit. I wasn’t always able to make a profit, because I used to be a novice at the market. Once I learned how to trade properly, it became like second nature, and the money started flowing in.

There are more companies coming out with their own streaming services these days. These companies used to offer all of their content under one company, but since seeing how much money that company makes, they’ve all broken off to get their own piece of the pie. I can’t blame them, but I’m not pleased with their decision. Still, even with paying for all of their streaming services, I wouldn’t be paying way less than I did for cable, and I wouldn’t lose that much of the profit I’ve made from trading.


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