My Friend Took out a Loan in Singapore

My family and I were planning on a trip to Singapore to meet with my close friends from college. When we arrived in Singapore, my friends picked us all up and drove us to our hotel. On the way we passed many local businesses and we saw a billboard which said singapore lowest interest loan is here. It suddenly made me reflect and think about my own success and the fact that I had never had to take out a loan in my life. I’ve also never been in debt which is a huge blessing. I then began to wonder how my friend of many years had been doing because he was always very vague about his job and situation. I asked my friend and his wife how things were going with work and such and he replied to me that they had fallen on hard times lately. He said that the sector he was working in was going through big reforms and that his position may not be guaranteed anymore because they are downsizing. Not only that, he said that he also had to take massive paycuts to his whole division. I felt really bad listening to him tell me all these things. I’ve been doing quite well for myself and it just hurts to know that my friend isn’t. I had always known him to be really hard working and diligent in everything that he did. He then told me that he had to take out a loan so that they could purchase a new vehicle because their reliable hatchback of many years had to be retired. I offered to give him and his wife some money but he politely refused. He is a very proud man and not the kind of person that would accept any kind of handout.


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