Is It Safe to Buy Bitcoin?

Of course I know there are a lot of good reasons to buy bitcoin, mainly the fact that while it can go up and in wild swings, it continues to increase in value year to year. Over the evolution of bitcoin you have had really incredible increases in value, much of which has been realized by the people who got at the start. I am sure that there are plenty of people like me who wish that they had seen the potential back then. However I am quite sure that the U.S government is looking at the topic in a different way and you can not fault this from their point of view. The entire idea is based in the idea that you would prefer that they stay out of your business and out of your pocket, in fact this idea is very attractive if you come by your money illegally or if you would like to keep your money illegally (that is to say you want to avoid paying taxes).

In actual fact the really big thing is probably the technology that underlies the effort to keep it secure from the government and anyone who might want to take your bitcoins. That is called blockchain and it is really a huge deal with tech companies, all of which are finding a great many applications for the security that it provides. So I have been thinking about how long it would take to figure that out and how easy it would be to learn to use it. Since it is obviously a big deal and a growing thing, then the people that understand it and can work with it are going to be able to make a lot of money in the future. In fact that is the sort of thing you would learn if you were keen to be rich.


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