I Needed to Buy a New Bike

I have heard of short term payday loans but I have never had to get one for myself until just a few months ago. I ride my bicycle just about everywhere. I use it to get to work, plus I ride around town to various stores. I don’t have a car, and I really despise the bus. When my bike was stolen from my back yard, I reported it to the police. I didn’t have the money to replace it though, and the police weren’t optimistic about it being returned in good shape. I looked into short term payday loans because I knew that I could not go without a bike for even a couple of days.

I could ride the bus to work, but I knew that it would just be better to get another bike as soon as possible. Since I did not have the funds to do it myself, even if I waited until I was paid within a few days of my bike being stolen, I knew that my best option would be one of the short term payday loans that I knew some of my friends had taken out before.

The entire process was done online. It was easy enough to fill out the application, and I felt very safe giving them the information that they needed because of their good reputation. Because of this, I was able to get a new bike the following day. I was even able to get the one that I had really wanted, which was beyond my budget when I got my last one. Because I can make payments on this one though to the company I took the short term loan with, I knew that it was worth it to get the better bike. They haven’t caught the person who stole my bike, so I am more careful with this one now and always leave it locked up no matter where I am, even at home.


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