I Finally Understand How Much Money Can Be Saved on Groceries

I am an extremely busy mother. My husband works on the road about 80 percent of the year, so much of the parenting and taking care of our beautiful home is left up to me. I don’t mine because we both love our kids, and my husband takes good care of all of us. However, because we have four kids and I do not work, it is important that I do all that I can to save money. A girlfriend said that I really need start using coupons and that she uses cereal coupons that she finds on the web. I remember the days of cutting out coupons in the Sunday newspaper each week for my own mom. She used to pay me a few pennies to do it when I was a little girl. I was not sure I wanted to get involved with coupons now as an adult, though.

When I did our monthly budget last month, I found that we are falling further and further behind with our bills. I thought it would just be temporary, but my hubby lost a few clients so his paychecks have been a little bit more lean than normal. With four children under the age of 7 and no way to afford to put them all into a daycare, I panicked a bit. This is when my friend reminded me that she does so much couponing every month, that she has been able to save enough money to pay off their credit card. Stunned at this news, I wondered if she was nuts or if I was nuts for ignoring coupons so long.

So, my girlfriend came over last weekend and sat down at my computer with me. She helped me learn about her favorite couponing site and how to pick the best ones for saving the most money. She had all sorts of tips that I would have never thought of. Thanks to her help, I saved over $45.00 when I went to the grocery store yesterday. She was right about the money savings!


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