Saving on Time and Money with Insurance

I was not sure about which company to use for my Florida homeowners insurance. The bank had recommended one to me, but I was not pleased with their rates at all. I felt that they were too high, and I definitely wanted to shop around and see if I could find a better price. I decided to shop at the local insurance companies first. I did not have the time to call each one and go over the same story, because I was also working a full time job, a part time job, and taking care of three children with my husband.

Time is very precious to me, and I do what I can to conserve as much as possible of it. I went online and looked at the few insurance companies in the area, and there was one that really stood out more than any of the others. Continue reading


Better Than Any Insurance I Have Had

Getting insurance for Niceville homeowners isn’t really a problem. In fact, it is fairly easy if you’re willing to pay through the nose for it. The challenge is finding insurance for your home at a reasonable cost. The problem is that Niceville is in Florida. Do you see the problem? Florida is notorious for one thing: hurricanes. No matter where you live in this state, you have a good chance of living through a hurricane at some point in your life. If you’re lucky, it’s merely a tropical storm of a category one storm that moves through quickly.

The insurance companies know this, of course, and that is why most of them charge very high rates for even modest coverage. I got tired of my old company ramping up the costs every time the weather channel said there was a storm brewing somewhere off the coast. Obviously, you can’t get rid of the insurance entirely so I needed to find another company that wouldn’t try and bankrupt me with all the excessive charges. But where to start? On the internet, of course, so I did a lot of searches and read a lot of reviews.

I settled on a company right here in town and went down for a talk. I was quite impressed with the agent and their staff and they were able to answer all of my questions off of the top of their heads. That’s important to me because I don’t trust people who answer questions in vague ways with weasel words. I ended up getting a policy that is quite affordable, and one that even has a few extras I wasn’t able to afford with my previous coverage. They have an excellent track record of paying claims and I feel like my family is in excellent hands with this company.