Best Medicare Advantage Plans for Year 2014

I am going to need to find a new plan to supplement my Medicare for the current year, as I was not happy with the coverage provided on my previous plan, and there were some gaps in the coverage that left me vulnerable from a financial perspective. I am not going to let that happen again, and as such, I need to find a site that has info on all of the medicare advantage plans in 2014 that are available at this point in time.

I guess that I am going to start this search right now, because I am not doing anything else, and it is important to me, that I figure out something in the near future. I have a doctor appointment scheduled for next week, and it would be helpful if I could get a Medicare advantage plan in place before that time. I am not sure if that is feasible, because sometimes, it takes quite awhile for your coverage to go into effect, when you start any new health insurance plan. I guess I am going to try to make this happen, and at the worst, it will be in effect by the time my next appointment with the doctor comes around.

I am hoping to find a plan that has good coverage for prescription drugs in particular. I have been prescribed to a lot of different medications lately, and I do not see the amount of medications I am prescribed to, going down at any point in the near future. Some of them are kind of expensive, and they are not currently covered by my health insurance. That is a bit of a pain for me, and I need to try to remedy the situation, if I am able to, in order to cut down on my costs.


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