A Great Way to Get Cash

When my emergency medical bills threatened to ruin me financially, I decided to find a way to sell rare coins in Nashville to earn my way out of the dilemma. No one wants to sell rare family heirlooms, but I really had no other options. When it is a choice between paying the rent and eating or selling your grandfather’s rare coin collection, you will choose the latter every time. I don’t think my grandfather would mind too much, actually. He always told me before he died that he was leaving me the coins so that I could get myself out of a sticky situation one day. He just told me to make sure it was something important and to not waste them on trivial things.

I had a rough idea that the collection was worth quite a bit of money, but had never taken the time to have them appraised by a professional coin dealer. He’s got several rare silver dollars and some gold coins in there that look pretty old, so I figured I would get a nice chunk of change from them. At worst I would at least get enough to keep myself afloat for while pursuing other options to pay the bills.

So after looking online and finding a reputable dealer who I knew I could trust, I went in with the coins and awaited the news. They explained the specifics on some of the coins, specifics I don’t quite remember now, but even I was surprised at how much money I got from them. Apparently my grandfather had scored himself some very rare coins over the years. Whether he knew their full worth I’ll never know, but he sure pulled my bacon out of the fire by bequeathing me this wonderful collection. He’s still helping me out even though he’s been gone for years.


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