Luxury Homes and Jumbo Loans


There are a lot of good high end homes in my area, but many of them are too expensive for the average person to live in. For homes like these, buyers need a jumbo loan to cover the costs. When I got my home, I had to find a way to get one of these loans, but I wasn’t sure how. I had never heard of the loan until I started looking at these houses, so I had to learn about it by doing as much research as possible.

I used the Internet to help me learn about jumbo loans. From various searches and websites, I learned how to effectively use the loan and the best way to apply for one. Continue reading


Is It Safe to Buy Bitcoin?

Of course I know there are a lot of good reasons to buy bitcoin, mainly the fact that while it can go up and in wild swings, it continues to increase in value year to year. Over the evolution of bitcoin you have had really incredible increases in value, much of which has been realized by the people who got at the start. I am sure that there are plenty of people like me who wish that they had seen the potential back then. However I am quite sure that the U.S government is looking at the topic in a different way and you can not fault this from their point of view. Continue reading


No to the Cord and Yes to Profits

I’ve become a cord cutter. I paid for cable television for more than 10 years, and each time I did, I hated it. The prices would always go up, and sometimes they would get rid of channels that I watched, while leaving the ones that I didn’t. I cancelled my cable subscription, started trading bitcoin on the Bitcoin Era app, which allowed me to save up some money, and started paying for streaming services. I bought my television before they all came with built in apps and Internet connections, so I had to buy a small box to connect to the television that could wirelessly connect to my modem. Continue reading


Great Funding Levels for My Media Company

Finding commercial financing in Toronto isn’t easy unless you have a great business plan and a track record for success. Before the global financial crisis, apparently, it was a lot easier to get the bankers to turn on the money spigot. They’d throw money at anything hoping to turn a fast buck. That is not the case now. Sobriety has returned to stay with the financial investment firms here in Canada although Canada weathered the storm better than most countries). I recently sought funding in order to grow my media company and quickly found a firm willing to do so.

I first started out several years ago with one website about current events and politics, and the site quickly ballooned into a money maker. I couldn’t believe how much advertising revenue I had coming in, and fairly soon I wanted to expand with some other sites touching on other topics I thought would be of interest to certain niche groups of people. The problem is that I needed to expand beyond just myself running the venture. Continue reading


We Owed a Lot of Money to the IRS

I am a Christian, so it is in my belief system to pay others what is owed to them. It is biblical, and I try to lead my life according to God’s word. However, things do happen that can take someone right off the path they are on. For me, it was a medical condition. I ended up losing my job, which meant I lost my health insurance too. I was able to continue to pay bills because my wife was working, but we got so far into debt that I knew I needed some Los Angeles tax relief advice. Continue reading


We Needed Help Quickly to Keep Our Home

I often get the feeling that I was happier in life when I was younger simply because I didn’t try very hard. I was happy doing very little, and when you do not push yourself hard, there isn’t a lot of stress to deal with. But now I have a family who needs me, I need to focus on keeping all of us happy, well fed and alive. I’ve been struggling with that lately, so I looked into the possibility of personal loans with no income verification because I needed something that would help me pay a couple of mortgage payments on our home. Our home is everything to us, and my kids need a safe place to live at all times.

Both my wife and I had some medical issues this year that put us behind with our bills. Continue reading


Taking Care to Buy Products That Help Make My Life Better

I found myself behind with doing my taxes for about five years. Everyone who is part of this country needs to step up and pay taxes to help pay for things that we all share such roads, bridges, etc. The problem was that doing my taxes with no help was overwhelming in the past, but finding some really good tax software to use has simplified the process. I’m now caught up on back payments with my taxes, and next year, I won’t have any trouble getting it all done very quickly. Stress becomes a big factor when you don’t get things done, and the software that I use now helps me to be proactive so that feeling satisfied with my completed tax forms is the only thing that I feel now.

The software that I bought really helped me to wake up to the fact that I cannot do everything on my own. Continue reading


I Needed Help when I Branched out with Services for the Rest of the World

Always knew that I needed a business of my own. I’m just not good when I work for other people. I guess that I’m pretty lucky that I really like things that are technical and I’m good at it. So, I got into the business of offering Internet services to the rural communities where I am and it has been going great. But when I decided to expand the service to people elsewhere, I needed to hook up with an international debt collection agency to get some of the people who owe me money to pay us. It works out well because I and my employees don’t have time to chase people down who don’t want to pay their bills. There is a learning curve with my business, but it has been pretty simple.

Like I said, I started offering services to the people that live in the area where I am located. Her a long time, the people around here didn’t have much to choose from except for dial-up internet. As anyone who has ever had to deal with dial-up knows, it is really slow. But that’s all the bigger internet companies offered to the people here. That’s not enough. Everyone around the world needs the ability to access online services that can be helpful to them in many ways. And it’s really hard to access different things when your browser and computer are just poking along at a snail’s pace.

If you haven’t lived in a rural area, you may not realize that most people know one another. This is very different from big cities. So, a lot of the people here are prompt with paying their bills because they are not anonymous to you. But when I expanded my services to people in other parts of the country and the world, I need a way to make sure these people pay me what they owe.


Signing Up for Palatka Auto Insurance

Florida is an interesting place. I thought it got hot up north in the summer months of July and August. Florida takes that to a whole new level with the combined heat and humidity. If I had to work out in it, I would move. However, I am passed those days and can just enjoy the heat on my bones at my leisure. We were still changing things over from our recent move. I had just got satellite TV installed, and I was looking up Palatka auto insurance companies to get new insurance for our vehicles. I found an agency that has been in business for a good amount of time. I certainly did not want to have to switch agents after a couple of years. I like stability as well as familiarity.

The Florida prices for things from taxes to the utilities and the insurances we have to have are on par for what I thought we would be paying. We lived in a region up north with lower taxes, but they also had less in the way of public services. Things are pretty well maintained down here all the time. We like that much more than having to constantly go to council meetings to get some things done. Continue reading


The Fight Against the IRS

Recently I was having a bit of tax trouble with the IRS. I’ve always heard that when the IRS is breathing down your neck, you don’t want to take them on alone, or you’ll surely lose the fight. I had no idea what to do to get myself out of my predicament. I was given a suggestion by a wise friend who said that I should get an NYC offer in compromise with the help of a tax attorney. I never really thought about getting the aid of an attorney, but it made perfect sense. Continue reading


Saving on Time and Money with Insurance

I was not sure about which company to use for my Florida homeowners insurance. The bank had recommended one to me, but I was not pleased with their rates at all. I felt that they were too high, and I definitely wanted to shop around and see if I could find a better price. I decided to shop at the local insurance companies first. I did not have the time to call each one and go over the same story, because I was also working a full time job, a part time job, and taking care of three children with my husband.

Time is very precious to me, and I do what I can to conserve as much as possible of it. I went online and looked at the few insurance companies in the area, and there was one that really stood out more than any of the others. Continue reading


Better Than Any Insurance I Have Had

Getting insurance for Niceville homeowners isn’t really a problem. In fact, it is fairly easy if you’re willing to pay through the nose for it. The challenge is finding insurance for your home at a reasonable cost. The problem is that Niceville is in Florida. Do you see the problem? Florida is notorious for one thing: hurricanes. No matter where you live in this state, you have a good chance of living through a hurricane at some point in your life. If you’re lucky, it’s merely a tropical storm of a category one storm that moves through quickly.

The insurance companies know this, of course, and that is why most of them charge very high rates for even modest coverage. I got tired of my old company ramping up the costs every time the weather channel said there was a storm brewing somewhere off the coast. Obviously, you can’t get rid of the insurance entirely so I needed to find another company that wouldn’t try and bankrupt me with all the excessive charges. But where to start? On the internet, of course, so I did a lot of searches and read a lot of reviews.

I settled on a company right here in town and went down for a talk. I was quite impressed with the agent and their staff and they were able to answer all of my questions off of the top of their heads. That’s important to me because I don’t trust people who answer questions in vague ways with weasel words. I ended up getting a policy that is quite affordable, and one that even has a few extras I wasn’t able to afford with my previous coverage. They have an excellent track record of paying claims and I feel like my family is in excellent hands with this company.


The Path to Something Better

Working at the same dead end job each day motivated me to go back to school. I wanted to get more out of life and have a better paycheck. I applied for SJSU financial aid and received a nice grant to take come computer science classes so that I could learn programming languages. I had a little difficulty with the courses because it wasn’t easy to understand the concepts behind how the languages worked. Programming is tied into math, and since my math skills are a little bit rusty, things became more complicated, although my math skills weren’t that great in the first place.

I put all of my free time into studying the course material and learning as much as possible. Continue reading


A Great Way to Get Cash

When my emergency medical bills threatened to ruin me financially, I decided to find a way to sell rare coins in Nashville to earn my way out of the dilemma. No one wants to sell rare family heirlooms, but I really had no other options. When it is a choice between paying the rent and eating or selling your grandfather’s rare coin collection, you will choose the latter every time. I don’t think my grandfather would mind too much, actually. He always told me before he died that he was leaving me the coins so that I could get myself out of a sticky situation one day. He just told me to make sure it was something important and to not waste them on trivial things.

I had a rough idea that the collection was worth quite a bit of money, but had never taken the time to have them appraised by a professional coin dealer. He’s got several rare silver dollars and some gold coins in there that look pretty old, so I figured I would get a nice chunk of change from them. At worst I would at least get enough to keep myself afloat for while pursuing other options to pay the bills.

So after looking online and finding a reputable dealer who I knew I could trust, I went in with the coins and awaited the news. They explained the specifics on some of the coins, specifics I don’t quite remember now, but even I was surprised at how much money I got from them. Apparently my grandfather had scored himself some very rare coins over the years. Whether he knew their full worth I’ll never know, but he sure pulled my bacon out of the fire by bequeathing me this wonderful collection. He’s still helping me out even though he’s been gone for years.


Using Professional Tax Preparation Software Can Help You Pay Less in Taxes

It’s that time of year again. I do not even think the people who are getting a refund are that happy to see it. It is tax time. You have to have all of your records and either see a professional tax preparer or get professional tax preparation software. I used to go to one of those tax places, then I started doing it on my own. Understanding more of what is involved in doing my taxes helps me keep better records and helps me to make better financial decisions. The goal is to pay as little tax as possible.

I remember the arguments this past election season about rich people not paying tax. Well, if you could use rules and laws to not have to pay a tax, why wouldn’t you? It just makes sense whether you are rich or working class to pay as little tax as possible. I like quality professional tax preparation software that asks me all the questions and shows me all of the options. I do not want to miss a deduction or tax break. Continue reading


I Got the Wake Up Call That I Needed to Be Happy Again

I know that I’ve made a lot of mistakes in life. The issue is that I have always been aware of it, and I didn’t do something about it. Change seemed so hard. I did what came easy, and in turn, it made life so much harder than it needs to be. I had an “aha!” moment after getting myself in trouble with my taxes. Thanks to getting an IRS fresh start this year, I feel like my life is setting down and I’m in better frame of mind on a daily basis.

As someone who is self-employed, it’s really too easy to get lazy about things that an employer typically takes care of for you on a daily basis. This happened with my taxes. I was told that I needed to pay quarterly so that I would not become overwhelmed with paying the IRS once per year. When my first quarterly payment came up, I ended up not paying right away so that I could get my air conditioner fixed. When my next payment was due, I found myself ignoring the invoice and buying some new clothing instead. Continue reading


Choosing the Right Kind of Overseas Insurance

When my boss told me that we had won a contract overseas, I was pretty excited. We had been trying to get across the border for a couple of years, but this was our first success. We were going to be able to set up shop on a military base in Afghanistan, providing support in our area of expertise. We have a full office staff to take care of most of the details for the paperwork, but he asked me to check into DBA insurance since it was something we never had to deal with before.

I had already researched this type of insurance off and on throughout the last couple of years when it looked like we could possibly win a contract, so I already knew a good bit about it. This was the first time that I was actually going to get some quotes though. Anytime private contractors are on a military base overseas providing freelance work, it is required by law that the workers are covered by DBA insurance. DBA simply stands for Defense Base Act, and it is mandatory for workers outside our borders. Continue reading


Learning About My Retirement Options

I had heard of the term Roth IRA before, but I really did not know anything about it other than it was about saving for retirement. When my ex divorced me though, I knew that it was time that I started taking care of myself. I had relied upon him to handle all financial matters, and I knew that I never wanted to be that dependent on anyone again. I am still young, so there is plenty of time to figure this out, but I wanted to get started sooner rather than later.

Most of my friends had been saving for their retirement for several years at that point, so they were able to advise me of a few things. One told me to go to the same website she had used to get information when she wanted to start saving for retirement, and that turned out to be the best advice that I could have. Continue reading


Hiring an Accountant for My Payroll Needs

When I first started my company a few years ago, I knew that I was going to have to get some help with payroll once the business grew a bit more. Since it was just my wife and myself, I was not too concerned about it. Sure enough, by the time I had three others working for me, I just did not feel confident any longer to do payroll. There were just too many things at stake, and I did not want to make a mistake. I went online and found after doing a lot of research on different accountants in the area. Continue reading


Working out the Details on Buying a House

Obviously we were prepared to spend some money and get rather little for it when we had to move to the suburbs of San Jose. The real estate market here is quite crazy and you have houses that cost a million dollars which would cost one third as much in other locations. We have been busy working out the details on buying a house. We have a realtor and a Morgan Hill mortgage broker working on the process. Relatively speaking we think that we are getting a fairly good deal. Continue reading


I Finally Understand How Much Money Can Be Saved on Groceries

I am an extremely busy mother. My husband works on the road about 80 percent of the year, so much of the parenting and taking care of our beautiful home is left up to me. I don’t mine because we both love our kids, and my husband takes good care of all of us. However, because we have four kids and I do not work, it is important that I do all that I can to save money. A girlfriend said that I really need start using coupons and that she uses cereal coupons that she finds on the web. I remember the days of cutting out coupons in the Sunday newspaper each week for my own mom. She used to pay me a few pennies to do it when I was a little girl. I was not sure I wanted to get involved with coupons now as an adult, though.

When I did our monthly budget last month, I found that we are falling further and further behind with our bills. Continue reading